TED Talk – Tim Harford: How Messy Problems Can Inspire Creativity

One of the things I’ve tried to incorporate into my classroom this year is TED Talks. I’ve been viewing them on a regular basis to get some inspiration, as well as to supplement my lessons on character traits such as perseverance, grit, optimism, etc. It’s something new and informative for me to watch as I slog through my morning routine. At first glance, this specific TED Talk headline didn’t particularly pique my interest, but I decided to give it a listen anyway. Either way, it was better than emptying the dishwasher in silence. It turned out to be really interesting! I actually loved it because, for those that know me, I’m a big music fanatic, and I was pleasantly surprised when the speaker, Tim Harford, shared a few inspiring music-related stories about Brian Eno and Keith Jarrett to make his point about stimulating creativity. Something for my teacher friends AND my vinyl community buddies?! Sounds like a winner! Check it out!


Author: thetcha70

I'm a 52 year old teacher living in Northern California. I've taught for 28 years and have experience in the upper elementary grades. I currently teach 4th grade. My hobbies include music, D&D, record collecting, travel, and Sacramento Kings basketball!

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