My first blog entry!! After weeks and weeks of considering what my first post would be, poring over books about writing and blogging, and trying to figure out the in’s and outs of WordPress, I came to the realization that I just need to stop procrastinating, take the plunge, and WRITE. So here goes…

For the past several years, I’ve had an itch to write. It all started about 6 years ago with a weeklong training I took called The Area 3 Writing Project. The A3WP is a professional development network for California teachers and administrators. They use the “teachers teach teachers” model to share the successes of those educators who effectively teach writing at all grade levels. My goal was to become a better writing teacher, but an unforeseen side effect was a desire to write for myself! That week changed my life as a teacher and a lit a fire inside me.

I hope to share my past and present experiences in elementary teaching with a splash of wit and the occasional dose of humor! I plan on writing book reviews, sharing lessons, daily happenings in the classroom and teacher lounge, and, of course, the occasional rant. I want to share my ideas and my opinions, my successes and my failures. Hopefully, I’ll make some connections in the teaching community and get some great ideas to try in the classroom. At the very least, this will satisfy my urge to write. So, in the words of the immortal rhyme poet KRS-One, “Let us begin…”

Author: thetcha70

I'm a 52 year old teacher living in Northern California. I've taught for 28 years and have experience in the upper elementary grades. I currently teach 4th grade. My hobbies include music, D&D, record collecting, travel, and Sacramento Kings basketball!

4 thoughts on “3…2..1…Liftoff!”

  1. “… what, where, why, or when
    Will all be explained like instructions to a game” – KRS One

    I feel ya bro. Let’s do this!


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